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Boxspring Bett (2.5 Monat alt)

I bought the bed from 2.5 months ago. The size is 140x200cm and the color is Dunkelgrau. You can find the link also below for more detail.

The kissen (1), bettdecke and the bettwascheset (1 + 2) are bought from ikea. Decke and the kissen are duck feather and the bettwaschesett is %100 baumwolle. You can find the prices as follows.
Note : You need to buy a sheet over the bed itself, I dont sell any.

Boxspring bett : 500 original price
Decke + kissen : 110 original price
Bettwascheset : 50 original price
Total price : 660 original
You save : 260 Euro

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